Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seeing Yellow

Lately, I am drawn to the color yellow. I can't personally wear yellow due to my pasty white pale complexion, but I can certainly surround myself with it! If only I had money to blow on fancy pillows ($98 each!), I would buy two of these lovely Jonathan Adler pillows to put in my kitchen. The pictures above are actually of the same pillow. There is a different design on each side...which is why it would be better to buy two, of course. I can just imagine them sitting on two of these oh-so-affordable Ikea chairs (only $14.99 each!). If you have any yellow decor items that I should know about, send them my way!


  1. Those are so cute! I am so ready to re-do my kitchen and my bedroom...but have minimal funds! Keep those good ideas coming!!!

  2. Love the pillows...and love the color yellow. It's taken over my wardrobe. I am getting ready to decorate my dining room...any ideas?